Amazon & Microsoft will work together !

Online giant Amazon , will work with technology giant Microsoft to study coronavirus infection prevention. Researchers at the Gates Foundation-backed Seattle Coronavirus Assessment Network (SCAN) have recently been researching how coronavirus infection is occurring. They are conducting the study with a kit from the residents of Seattle-based King County. Amazon will work with them now. Already Amazon Care is helping distribute this kit.

King County is one of the areas where coronavirus is most prevalent in the United States. Many people are infected with coronavirus here.

SCAN is a research group working on the spread of coronavirus infection in different parts of the area. Bill Gates is funding the project to create a ‘kit’ for use in this experiment. The coronavirus can be tested at home with that kit. However, samples should be sent out to find out the results.

Amazon Care’s job will be to provide test kits to people’s homes and then bring the samples to the researchers. If any of the viruses are detected after the test, they will be contacted by healthcare professionals through Amazon Care representatives.

An Amazon spokesperson said Amazon Care’s infrastructure and logistics capabilities have been enhanced to support this local effort.

Recently the Bill & Melinda Gates Foundation, the research charity Wellcome and MasterCard’s Impact Charity, pledged $120.5 million in support of coronavirus treatment.


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