Best “Leader” along with Best “Father”!

Justin Trudeau’s wife, Sophie, was diagnosed with coronavirus after a visit to Britain. Which was surely a bad news for the Trudeau family. Because of this, they had to stay the quarantine with three children immediately.

Sophie is now separated from her family in Ottawa. Trudeau-Sophie’s family has three children, Javier (12), Ella (11) and Hadrian (6). There is no nanny for their care, no grandparents , no cook, overall – no one to help.

Trudeau is now handling children alone, as well as leading Canada to prevent the worst pandemic of the century. Meeting the cabinet from home, calling the countrymen from the kitchen to wash their hands, sitting in discussions with world leaders, answering questions from journalists from a safe distance.

The Prime Minister of Canada’s Communications Director Cameron Ahmed said that in this situation, he is also¬† co-operate G-7 countries. He has been doing this with his children ever since. He has to keep busy in phone calls all day, print in his speech, he is doing everything alone.


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