Corona Virus: How do you keep your home sterile this time?

The government has been instructed to close all schools, colleges, offices, shopping malls, supermarkets, etc. due to the increasing incidence of corona disease. People  has been instructed to stay home most of the time to save  the country. Everyone is wearing a mask on their face to protect themselves and use sanitizer or soap to keep their hands clean.But more than that, you must also understand that the risk of corona virus is as high at home  as outside the home. Therefore, to avoid the virus, special attention should be paid to cleaning your home. So today we will tell you how to keep your house clean to reduce the risk of corona virus.

Due to the ongoing situation, everyone is spending most of their time at home. In such a situation, if the house is not kept clean, germs can become furious. So maintain the way you clean the house daily . If someone is ill at home, more attention should be paid to cleaning the house.

What causes the infection to become more prevalent?
If a sick person in the house has a cough and sneezing problem or has an infected person, everything touched by him will be contaminated. If he does not cover his mouth while coughing and sneezing, the chances of spreading the infection are doubled. In such cases, extra attention should be paid to cleaning the home television, remote, kitchen, cupboard, fridge, all door handles, call, switch boards, phones, sheets, pillow covers, etc.

Thus do clean
If you want to protect your home from corona virus infection, take phenyle and liquid bleach (sodium hypochlorite). Next, add some bleach to the amount of water, wait two to four minutes so that it does not catch your eye. Then you wear gloves and spread it to the area you want to clean. After waiting for about 5 minutes, wipe the place with a clean cloth.

These tips will help you
A) You can use hot water to clean the kitchen dish. Hot water is easy to destroy germs. Your kitchen should also be kept clean.
B) Your kitchen and the clothes used for cleaning should be cleaned in hot water. Use it after it is completely dry.
C) If a person is ill at home, wash his clothes separately. After washing his clothes, soaking them in Dettol water then you can dry them.

Self-protection is also important
Cover your face, hands and head before starting to clean the room. Avoid touching your eyes, nose and mouth when cleaning. Use any cloth or discarded cloth for cleaning. After the work is done, wash and dry them thoroughly. You can use hot water, including washing powder, to clean them. Finally, wash your hands thoroughly with soap for about 30 seconds


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