Coronavirus prediction in a book published an era ago!

The new coronavirus has taken pestilence shape worldwide. The virus has spread from China to several countries in the world, such as India, the United States, Italy and Iran. The number of people infected with the virus is increasing. The death toll exceeds 3,000. Many people are affected.

The American author Sylvia Brown. Who wrote a book an era ago. The book is called ‘End of the day – Prediction and prophecy’. In the book, 12 years ago it was feared that a virus would spread throughout the world.

In that book, he writes, a virus will spread throughout the world by 2020.
His predictions made 12 years ago come true. The prophecy is not a lie. The book is currently being discussed in various media around the world.

According to the book, “by 2020, severe pneumonia, such as the disease, will spread throughout the world, invade the lungs and bronchial tubes and review all treatments.”

He added that what is almost shocking instead of getting sick is that it will disappear again as soon as it arrives. It will attack again after 10 years and then disappear completely.


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