The clubs in France are on the verge of bankruptcy!

Coronavirus  also had an impact on sports. Postponement of various tournaments and events.

Uefa’s goal was to end the league season by the end of June, with the Euro behind. But in reality it is no longer possible to reduce the effects of coronas.

Before June 15, the French League sees no chance to build a monastery again. But he is more concerned about the future of French clubs than finishing the league season.

Half of France’s clubs could go bankrupt within the next six months due to coronavirus.  Kaiyat said the league needs to end at any cost. If needed, the game will be played until July-August. Right now all clubs are losing an average of 250 million euros per month . I am very concerned about all the clubs.

He added that in the next six months, 50 percent of France’s professional clubs will become bankrupt without state support. They have begun to sink into debt.


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