The International Cricket Council closed!

The head of the International Cricket Council (ICC) closed in fear of the coronavirus. All staff at the ICC’s headquarters in Dubai have been asked to work at home until further instructions.

Field cricket has already stopped due to the virus corona. Cricket boards of different countries including Bangladesh, India, South Africa have been closed. Cricket board officials from different countries are working at home.

ICC President Shashank Manohar and CEO Manu Sahni will hold emergency meetings with members of the executive committee through video conference next Friday. There will be discussion of all the urgent issues and changing schedules of different boards

Conversely, coronavirus has spread to the world from Wuhan city in Hubei province, China. About 15,000 people have been reported in the world since the virus was infected. More than three million people have been affected.

This coronavirus has also been affected in Bangladesh. Already 33 people have been reported affected, 3 have died.


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