The nano material will swallow Corona; said Chinese scientists!

To fight with novel Coronavirus Chinese scientists invented a Special Nano-Material , which will swallow coronavirus after enter into the body.

Coronary outbreaks are becoming more serious worldwide. The virus killed 35,389 people as of Monday night. 7 lakhs 43 thousands 99 people were affected.Only in Italy , 10,779 people died. In addition, 7,340 people died in Spain.In the United States, the most affected is 1 lakh 45 thousand 689 people. So far, 2,606 people have died in the country.

In such a case, the Chinese public media Global Times tweeted a new hope for the whole world. It says the tool is ready to confront the coroner. Chinese researchers claim that 96.5-99.9 percent success has been achieved by applying this drug.

Researchers have developed a special nano-material .Its able to swallow the COVID-19 then inactivate the virus. This nano-material is able to inactivate the virus almost 99.99%.

Scientists do not agree to call it a vaccine or a drug. According to them, it is an organic weapon designed to fight Corona. In addition to nano-material healthcare, it is also used for paints, filters, insulation and lubricating. When exposed the corona virus, it acts like body’s enzymes. And destroy the virus.


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