Treasure of Natural Beauty of Bangladesh

Bangladesh is an area of natural beauty. It located at south-east Asia.It has many wonderful scenary and culture. It has world’s largest sea beach called Cox’s Bazar and also has worlds biggest Mangrove woodlands Sundarbans and so many places to explore .But Bangladesh is largely untouched by tourism. Bangladesh is fully charged with a unique energy that you won’t find in any other country throughout the world.An energy that only you can feel and understand by visiting the country.

Here some crucial information you need to explore the Bangladesh.

VISA Requirements:

In order to visit Bangladesh you’ll probably need to get a Bangladesh Visa . Few countries exempt from this, some countries get on arrival visa  .If you get the Bangladesh visa on arrival make sure you have a valid passport with 6 months validity ,print out confirmation of  your accommodation and right amount of money available in cash at least 60 USD .

If you don’t get on arrival visa opportunity then you have to apply for visa at Bangladesh embassy in your country.


In  Bangladesh , surviving cost is so cheap . A tourist can enjoy a single day by 35-50 US dollars . Here living cost is cheap compare to other countries . You can find delicious foods with so cheap price. Moreover, public transportation cost affordable , less than one dollar you can travel one city to another.

Some places you should visit:

There  are plenty of places for travel but some places are unique that a visitor should go there. Now I’m shortly writing some travel spot tourists should visit there once. #Old Dhaka, heart of Dhaka  tourists should visit old Dhaka once to explore pure tradition and culture . Old  Dhaka has own traditional foods which is an identity of Old Dhaka.

Cox’s Bazar:  You may have been to a beach before , you may have been to many  beaches ,you may even live on a beach. But , have you been to the worlds longest beach before?

Cox’s Bazar is the world’s longest unbroken stretch of beach, almost 120 km white sands and blue waters. Also you will get world class sea foods at cheap price .

The Sundarbans: Another superlative for Bangladesh ; it is home of world’s largest mangrove forest  which is also well-known for the Royal Bengal Tiger . This Royal Bengal Tiger only found  In The Sundarbans .

Others famous places for travel;

  • Saint  Martin Island
  • Chittagong Hill Tracts
  • Rangamati
  • Bandarban
  • Srimongal
  • Dublar chaor  ,and so on

Best time to visit Bangladesh is between October to March.Because that time weather is suitable for travel




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